Watching a Film With Others. Towards a Theory of Collective Spectatorship

In: Screen. Vol. 55, Issue 3, 2014. Abstract: In this essay I suggest that collectively watching a film with quiet attention should be considered a kind of joint action. When silently watching a film in a cinema the viewers are not merely engaged in individual actions – watching a film with others often implies a […]

Clips, Clicks and Climax. Notes on the Relocation and Remediation of Pornography.

In: Jump Cut – A Review of Contemporary Media. Vol. 53, August 2011. (With response articles by Peter Lehman, Thomas Waugh, Nina K. Martin, José P. Capino und Magnus Ulén) Link to “Clips, Clicks and Climax” “Beyond porno chic” by Jose B. Capino “Pornography, technology, and masturbation: response to Julian Hanich” by Peter Lehman “The […]