Eine Reise ans Ende der Nacht: Moderne und Modernisierungsaengste in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnaus “Sunrise”.

In: Heinz-Peter Preusser: Späte Stummfilme. Ästhetische Innovation im Kino 1924-1930. Marburg: Schüren, 2017. pp. 267-300. Link to the PDF

Kino, Theater, Fernsehen: André Bazins Publikumstheorie.

In: Florian Mundhenke/Thomas Weber (eds.): Kinoerfahrungen: Theorien, Geschichte, Perspektiven. Hamburg: AVINUS, 2017. pp. 209-229. Abstract: What did the great French film theorist André Bazin think of the collective experience in the cinema? What did he write about the influence co-viewers can have on the emotional engagement, the evaluation and the interpretation of a film? In […]

Beyond Sadness: The Multi-Emotional Trajectory of Melodrama (with Winfried Menninghaus.)

In: Cinema Journal. Vol. 56, No. 4, 2017 Abstract: In this article we investigate the astonishing variety of emotions that a brief scene in a film melodrama can evoke. We thus take issue with the reductive view of melodrama that limits this genre’s emotional effects to sadness, pity, and tear-jerking potential. Through a close analysis […]

Reflecting on Reflections: Cinema’s Complex Mirror Shots.

In: Martine Beugnet, Allan Cameron, Arild Fetveit (eds.): Indefinite Visions: Cinema and the Attractions of Uncertainty. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP., 2017 Abstract: This article investigates the effects mirrors in films can have on the composition of a filmic image, the staging of a scene and the viewing activities of the spectators. It discusses four such effects: […]