Mise en Esprit: One-Character Films and the Evocation of Sensory Imagination

In: Paragraph. Vol. 43, No. 3, 2020. pp. 249-264 This article starts out by introducing the category of the ‘one-character film’ — that is, narrative feature films that rely on a single onscreen character. One-character films can range from extremely laconic movies entirely focused on the action in the narrative here-and-now via highly talkative films […]

Laughter and Collective Awareness: The Cinema Auditorium as Public Space

Laughter and Collective Awareness: The Cinema Auditorium as Public Space In: NECSUS – European Journal of Media Studies (Autumn 2014) Abstract This article looks at how the collective experience of laughter in the movie theater is related to the idea of the cinema as a public space. Through the non-verbal expression of laughter the audience […]

Kino, Theater, Fernsehen: André Bazins Publikumstheorie.

In: Florian Mundhenke/Thomas Weber (eds.): Kinoerfahrungen: Theorien, Geschichte, Perspektiven. Hamburg: AVINUS, 2017. pp. 209-229. Abstract: What did the great French film theorist André Bazin think of the collective experience in the cinema? What did he write about the influence co-viewers can have on the emotional engagement, the evaluation and the interpretation of a film? In […]

Judge Dread: What We Are Afraid of When We Are Scared at the Movies.

In: Projections – The Journal for Movies and Mind. Vol. 8, No. 2, Winter 2014. Abstract: In this text I explore the question what we are actually afraid of when we are scared at the movies. It is usually claimed that our fear derives from our engagement with characters and our ‘participation’ through thought, simulation […]

An Invention with a Future: Collective Viewing, Joint Deep Attention and the Ongoing Value of the Cinema.

In Oxford Handbook of Film Theory, edited by Kyle Stevens, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022. Since it is first and foremost the cinema that enables—or at least facilitates—concentrated and focused film experiences, this article makes a strong plea for the ongoing importance of the movie theater as a vital cultural practice and social institution. Although […]